The game

Platform: Nintento Switch, Windows (Steam)
Team size: 15-30 devs
Duration: 32 weeks
Role: Tech/tools design, QA & UI
A local multiplayer topdown arena brawler where muscular wizards fight it out using all kinds of gym themed magic spells.

My role

Within the team I’m responsible for improving work-flow and team performance wherever possible through automation. As a tech designer I work together closely with both programming and design to ensure systems are implemented efficiently.
Due to circumstances of our UI/UX designer during the project I picked up the task of doing UI implementation. This task included making UI designs, making materials for the UI and implementing everything. Even though I do not get enjoyment out of the UI creation itself, I enjoyed learning a whole bunch of new skills in the process. The UI system that I created works with both controller and mouse & keyboard.
For QA I have created tools to allow for automated test footage distribution among all teams, cross-team bug reporting and task review reporting for leads.

Increasing productivity.

Teams consist out of people who don’t work optimally because of different reasons. Being able to help solve that through the creation of tools and scripts and seeing the influence that had on the team was an eye-opener.

The importance of UI.

While I have worked on UI before, this time was a bigger task as it needed to work with both controller and keyboard and mouse. I learned how to work with UMG, create UI materials and implement everything in game.