The Game

Platform: Windows
Team size: 4 devs
Duration: 8 weeks
Role: Tech design
A first person turnbased tactics game where the player first records the moves of his whole squad one by one, then let's them all play out in real time.

My role

As a technical designer created the recording and simultaneous playback of the characters, the shooting system used by both the player and the enemies, and other gameplay systems. The final record and playback system for the player characters was based on research done in multiple of the available systems within unreal engine 4. As a general designer I worked on figuring out the core gameloop and solving design problems with this core loop. The first step in this process was figuring out what we would be able to do with our design brief. This included discecting what makes a puzzle game and what the teammembers want out of a puzzle game. Further steps included figuring out our information horizon.

Learning Points

Find your edge-cases.
In order to ensure our gameplay experience became what we intended, we explored as many edge cases as possible exploring the gameplay possibility space. This allowed us to make decisions early on that guided our entire design process and caught issues early on.
Research and Prototyping.
Because of a uncertainty in the core concept of our game, I put a big focus on research during these first weeks. This informed a lot of choices made later on and allowed us to know the full extent of what would be possible with the manpower available.