The Game

Platform: Android / iOS
Team size: 16 devs over 8 weeks
Duration: 8 weeks
Role: UI/UX design & General game design
A mindbending mobile puzzle game with over 50 puzzles that challenges players of all skill levels.

My Role

During the concepting phase I was part of the core design team, creating the puzzle mechanic and initial puzzles. Our brief asked for both a mobile puzzle game and for a boardgame to digital adaptation. To accomplish this I helped prototype puzzle concepts using boardgames, settling on a puzzle concept based on Labyrinth. After this I focused on UI/UX design and implementation. Creating all the menus and onboarding.
In order to improve team performance this block, I created a system that allowed for easy level tracking and arrangement. This improved the workflow for the level designers and made communication about level order easier.

Learning Points

The importance of UX in games.

As my first real experience as an UX designer I prioritized wrongly a couple of times throughout the project. The most time should have gone into the first 20% of the game, in order to create the best onboarding possible. The end result is a great puzzle game that takes a bit of time to wrap your head around. Some of these UX problems are also inherently tied to the art of the game. Such as the main charcter being a humanoid, a

Finishing a game.
As a study where we move from game to game each block, we normally do not have the time to really finish games. In this project, due to the small scope of the game, we were able to polish the game as much as possible and provide post-release support.
Adapting a boardgame to digital.
During this project we had to turn a boardgame into a mobile puzzle game. I was responsible for choosing the game Labyrinth and I was part of the design team creating a puzzle game out of the mechanics while keeping it recognizable as Labyrinth.