Muscle Magic

Platform: Nintento Switch, Windows (Steam)
Team size: 15-30 devs
Duration: 32 weeks
Role: Tech/tools design, QA & UI
A local multiplayer topdown arena brawler where muscular wizards fight it out using all kinds of gym themed magic spells.


  • Blueprint and Code

    A good understanding of coding principles and a deep understanding of the UE4 Blueprint system help with the creation of production ready visual scripts. When speed is the name of the game, I am also able to do quick research and implement.

    See: Overmind

  • Technical Knowledge

    A wide set of technical skills helps being flexible in the team. Knowledge of many varied tools allows me to help in areas that would otherwise take away time from more specialized people. An extension of this is communicating between Design and Programming through diagrams.

    See: Muscle Magic

  • Team Efficiency Improvement

    A passion of mine is making the team itself work better. Through tool creation and workflow optimization I take load away from leads, producers and other teammembers where I can.

    See: Muscle Magic & Tiles Apart

Other Projects

Yellow Submarine

An Asymetrical co-op game where one person controls a submarine traversing a dangerous minefield in search of supplies while the other is increasing the radar speed by playing a rythm game. The game was made to be played on a custom guitar controller.  It was made by 7 designers during the Global Game Jam 2017. I was responsible for the submarine gameplay and radar functionality.

About me

I'm an all-round tinkerer. I love playing with options, learning new tools and trying out different things to see what works best.
Cooking is my favourite pasttime, being able to experiment with different techniques such as fermenting and creating new flavours for others to try.